Rice Plantation

One of the benefits of traveling is the chance to explore the local culture in a way you wouldn’t be able to if you stayed home. Through Ropain: The Rice Planting Festival, travelers can experience a rural festival as the locals do. On June 29, head out to the fields for a traditional rice planting festival with socialtours, a five time Responsible Award nominated company.

You’ll work alongside residents of Lalitpur, home to the indigenous community of Newars, as they stand knee-deep in mud to plant the bright green rice stalks. Rice plantation is no easy feat; people do not work alone, but rather with other community members to take on the daunting task of growing one of the most important commodities in Nepal. Come prepared to work like a farmer. Socialtours will provide traditional Newari snacks and a meal to bring strength back to your body.

The price for
Ropain, meaning plantation in Nepali, is Rs. 1750 for adults, Rs 1000 for children below 10 years old, and free for those below 4 years old. In addition to the local food, the price covers your pick up and drop off as well as chance to try local rice beer and play in the mud. 

The package also includes the priceless benefits of challenging your body, connecting with the locals, toiling in the fields with fresh air, and understanding what it takes to feed a country that has reserved for rice a central culinary role.

Only 50 spots are reserved for this experience. To make a reservation, visit

Source:  Facebook - Socialtours; eventbrite.com  

Image source: eventbrite.com