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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal, Pokhara is known for its amazing view of the snowy mountains and glistening lakes, paragliding, zip-lining, and much more. International tourists and many Kathmandu residents flock to Pokhara for weekends and holidays, and on New Year's Eve. Some of the sites we recommend visiting in Pokhara are Fewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda, Sarangkot, Davis Falls, and Gupteswor Mahadev cave.

Because many of the attractions are not too far from each other, a few can be visited in the same day. Crawl through Gupteswore Mahadev cave in the morning and make your way up a hill on the southern shore of Fewa Lake to the World Peace Pagoda afterwards. In the evening, stroll through Lakeside, the area along Fewa Lake, to take in the variety of restaurants, shops and plenty of scenic spots to view the lake.


In northwest Pokhara and at an altitude of 1600m, Sarangkot offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. Traditionally known for its breathtaking sunrise vista, Sarangkot has recently become recognized as the place to paraglide and zip-line in Nepal. Sit back as the wind takes you where it may over the terraced hills, which have the Annapurna mountain range on one side and Lake Fewa on the other. There are many companies, such as Everest Paragliding, to paraglide with. For those who would like to be closer to the ground, zip-lining offers just as much of a thrill. Traveling at 120 kph maximum speed for the 2 minute, 1800 meter long ride that also features a 200 foot vertical drop, zip-lining is a true adrenaline rush. HighGround Adventures has special offers available for students, groups and other discounts available also. To book your ride, visit their website.

Don't miss Pokhara on your trip to Nepal. Most upscale and higher starred hotels are on the southern and south-eastern fringes of Pokhara where there are more open lands and therefore unhindered view of the mountains. Lakeside hotels are right where the busy nightlife of Pokhara takes place. Some accommodations in one of the most happening valleys in Nepal are Hotel Barahi and Hotel The Kantipur.


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If you’d like to get more oxygen in your body than how much Yak Attack  offers, join the Trans Nepal mountain bike race this December.


The 5-day off road race follows the same path as Yak Attack the first 4 days before veering west to Pokhara.  Competitors will have to complete 8 timed sections as they make their way across the Himalayan foothills.  Even if the riders never reach more than approximately 1,900 m (6,234 ft.) in altitude, they won’t miss out on the astonishing views of the snow-capped mountains jutting up 8,000 m into the sky.


Trans Nepal, which includes plenty of opportunities for competitors to ride together and enjoy the scenery in between the timed sessions, is limited to 30 people.  For more details, including how your friends and family can join you without participating in the race, visit


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Kaski Police has announced that it will deploy English-speaking cops in the city of Pokhara to provide better services to tourists. According to senior police officials, police personnel with English-speaking skills will get the opportunity to work in Pokhara. Police personnel who are not able to communicate properly with foreign tourists will be replaced by the those with a good command of English.

According to Kaski Police, police personnel who have academic qualification of at least passing the school leaving certificate (SLC) exam will be eligible for posting in Pokhara. Kaski Police plans to implement this program within three months. The program will be implemented phase-wise. Baidam Police Station in Lakeside will be the first tourist-friendly police station in the city.

Currently, 70 police personnel are deployed in the Baidam Police Station. 25% of the police personnel deployed there have not taken their SLC exam. Those who have passed the SLC exam will be given further training to enhance their English communication skills.

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The local authorities in Pokhara have decided to construct a 115 km cycle track in the city. The Kaski District Development Committee (DDC) has announced that it has already completed preliminary studies for the proposed cycle route. The cycle route is expected to promote local tourism in the rural areas of the district as well.


According to government officials, both domestic and foreign tourists will have easy access to rural areas of the district due to the cycle route.  The cycle track will begin from Bindhabasini temple and pass through the city. The estimated cost of the first phase of the project is Rs 50 million.


The local authorities plan to build 12 truss bridges over the rivers during the first phase. The whole route can be cycled in three days.  Tourism entrepreneurs have also supported the cycle track and plan to provide additional funds for the project.


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