Kora Cycling Challenge ‘13


In Buddhism and Hinduism, a kora is the circumambulation of a religious structure such as a temple or stupa. The Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge will pay homage to Nepal’s kora tradition with a 50 kilometer cycling challenge around the Kathmandu valley on July 20.


The challenge will take cyclists on dirt trails in the outskirts of the capital, where mud homes, lime green paddies, and brightly clothed locals are as much a part of the landscape as the well-known mountains are. Because there is no requirement to complete the 50 kilometers and the trails are relatively easy to traverse, the challenge accommodates both novice and expert cyclists.


While registration is free, riders are highly encouraged to raise Rs. 100 (less than US $2) for each kilometer they cycle. Funds raised from the event will go toward building an eco-designed birthing facility in far western Nepal, one of the remotest parts of the country. In 2012, close to 300 Nepalese and foreigners participated in the challenge, securing nearly Rs. 1 million for a birthing facility in another area of Nepal.


Register, sponsor a rider, or donate at http://kathmandukora.eventbrite.com.

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Tour de' Lumbini


Cruise through Nepal as the country celebrates the peace ambassador Buddha’s birthday this month. The three day cycle tour, which begins on May 23, will have cyclists reach Buddha’s birthplace on his birthday on the 25th. The 275 + kilometer route starts in Kathmandu and makes it way through Kuringhat and Bardaghat before ending in Lumbini.

For more information on Tour de' Lumbini and to join the hundred people expected to partcipate, please visit http://on.fb.me/10DGkhT.



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Image source: Facebook - Tour de’ Lumbini Event Page 

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If you’d like to get more oxygen in your body than how much Yak Attack  offers, join the Trans Nepal mountain bike race this December.


The 5-day off road race follows the same path as Yak Attack the first 4 days before veering west to Pokhara.  Competitors will have to complete 8 timed sections as they make their way across the Himalayan foothills.  Even if the riders never reach more than approximately 1,900 m (6,234 ft.) in altitude, they won’t miss out on the astonishing views of the snow-capped mountains jutting up 8,000 m into the sky.


Trans Nepal, which includes plenty of opportunities for competitors to ride together and enjoy the scenery in between the timed sessions, is limited to 30 people.  For more details, including how your friends and family can join you without participating in the race, visit http://bit.ly/QjR9U1.


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How high are we talking, exactly?


So high that you’ll find only about 50% of the oxygen available at sea level. This happens at an altitude of 5,416 m (17,769 ft.). If the race doesn’t sound tough enough for you, add 30 cm of snow over the first 4 days; temperature dipping at points to -15 °C before wind chill; and passing 400 km through rough descents, soft sand climbs, mud, landslides, and suspension bridges with a total altitude gain of 12,000 meters.


Do you now get why a former participant said,“this isn’t racing, it’s torture”? Yak Attack may be torturous, but it’s the type of pain people keep coming back to year after year. Join them and other extreme challenge seekers as they make their way through 8 stages during the 8 day race in March 2014.


A place in one of toughest bike races in the world is strictly limited to 25 riders. The 13-day Yak Attack package includes accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara in addition to the race course locations. To find out more about what another rider described as the “most awesome riding I've ever done,” check out www.yak-attack.co.uk.


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The local authorities in Pokhara have decided to construct a 115 km cycle track in the city. The Kaski District Development Committee (DDC) has announced that it has already completed preliminary studies for the proposed cycle route. The cycle route is expected to promote local tourism in the rural areas of the district as well.


According to government officials, both domestic and foreign tourists will have easy access to rural areas of the district due to the cycle route.  The cycle track will begin from Bindhabasini temple and pass through the city. The estimated cost of the first phase of the project is Rs 50 million.


The local authorities plan to build 12 truss bridges over the rivers during the first phase. The whole route can be cycled in three days.  Tourism entrepreneurs have also supported the cycle track and plan to provide additional funds for the project.


News source: Republica

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