1. Hotel Utse

    Hotel Utse

    Prices from  $22.00

    With service that matches the spectacular view of the Himalayas from its rooftop terrace, Hotel Utse prides itself on its unique and clean family friendly atmosphere. Opened in 1971, the hotel now has 52 rooms available in single, double, deluxe, or super deluxe occupancy. Facilities include attached bathrooms, bathtubs, 24 hour hot water, satellite TV, library/reading room, and free luggage storage. 

    A family-run hotel, Hotel Utse offers authentic Tibetan cuisine in its restaurant. Discover other delicious food in Thamel, the neighborhood that houses the hotel, here

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  2. The entrance to the hotel

    Hotel Mandap

    Prices from  $50.00

    A mix of traditional feel and modern ambience, Hotel Mandap's wood-paneled restaurant, bar, and bakery are brimming with foodies. Just walk down from one of the 21 single, deluxe, or suite rooms to enjoy the indoor/outdoor seating. The rooms themselves feature a TV, attached bathrooms and hot water among other facilities.

    From the comfort of the hotel's terrace, guests can watch Thamel's busy streets humming with travelers and locals. A description of places to explore near Thamel can be found here. Hotel Mandap also provides excellent travel guide and packages to different parts of Nepal including heritage and historical places.

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  3. Hotel Entrance

    Hotel Northfield

    Prices from  $23.00

    Nestled in the heart of the tourist hub of Thamel, Hotel Northfield prides itself on its location, hospitality and cleanliness. Its homely standard and deluxe rooms offer attached bathrooms and 24 hour hot water. The balconies provide a garden, mountain, or courtyard view. 

    Dine and wine in at Hotel Northfield's restaurant and bar/lounge or step right outside for the numerous well-known cafes along the street. The popular Mandala street, host to the OR2K restaurant frequented by both locals and foreigners, is within a stone's throw of the hotel.  

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  4. Hotel Entrance

    Hotel Blue Diamond

    Prices from  $22.00

    Thanks to the spacious area at the front of the hotel, Hotel Blue Diamond is an inviting place for travelers looking to relax in Kathmandu.  Inside, the standard and deluxe rooms feature amenities such as a TV, AC, attached bathrooms, and hot water. 

    Dine in at the hotel or stroll around Thamel to discover the tourist hub's delicious local and international cuisines

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  5. Kathmandu Eco Hotel

    Kathmandu Eco Hotel

    Prices from  $50.00

    Just a stone's throw away from some of the most popular restaurants in Thamel, Kathmandu Eco Hotel also has a rooftop terrace to watch the bargaining taking place in the store-filled street. Look up and around to view the Kathmandu valley. The standard single and double rooms feature a TV, attached bathrooms, and A/C among other facilities.

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  6. Hotel Nature

    Hotel Nature

    Prices from  $32.00

    Shimmering yellow and gold, Hotel Nature is easy to spot. And as easy to enjoy. The hotel combines traditional hospitality with warm reception through services such as laundry services and 24 hour room services. Some of the facilities in the standard double and single rooms are a TV, attached bathrooms, and hot water.

    Hotel Nature has a restaurant that offers delectable Chinese, Indian, and western cuisine, and also has a bar. For guests in the mood for something different to munch on, head to the middle eastern influenced restaurants and sandwich spot recommended here

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  7. Ambassador Garden Home

    Ambassador Garden Home

    Prices from  $52.00

    A historic hotel in Kathmandu's tourist hub, Ambassador Garden Home prides itself on beautifully blending traditional feel with modern luxury. Its 18 rooms, ranging from deluxe to superior, feature a TV, attached bathrooms, and hot water among other facilities.

    The garden restaurant serves Nepali, American, Italian and Asian cuisine if guests want to stay in and enjoy the hotel's quiet atmosphere. Those who want to explore what else Thamel has to offer can find some food venue recommendations here

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  8. Hotel Kathmandu View

    Hotel Kathmandu View

    Prices from  $10.00

    Comfort and convenience are the central elements of Hotel Kathmandu View. Atm/banking, currency exchange, car parking, express check-out and a computer station are some of what the hotel offers. Guests can choose from 50 rooms, ranging from basic to standard and featuring facilities such as TV, attached bathrooms and hot water. 

    The hotel's restaurant caters to its international crowd through both Nepali and foriegn cuisines. For another amazing dining experience near the hotel, complete with a panoramic view of the valley, head to Helena's restaurant. 

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  9. Hotel Horizon

    Hotel Horizon

    Prices from  $16.00

    Located in a quiet enclave of central Thamel, Hotel Horizon is the perfect location for travelers who want easy access to the exciting neighborhood but respite from its noise. Each of the 16 rooms feature a TV, an attached bathroom, and hot water among other facilities.


    The hotel has a garden to relax in after a busy day running of shopping around in Thamel, as well as a restaurant to dine in. For those in the mood to explore the neighborhood's international culinary offerings, click here for guidance. 

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  10. Hotel Red Planet

    Hotel Red Planet

    Prices from  $14.00

    A family run establishment with over 30 years of hospitality experience, Hotel Red Planet provides economy-class living quarters in a homely atmosphere. There are 21 rooms at the hotel feauting a TV, attached bathrooms and hot water. To socialize with others or to take in the view of Kathmandy valley, guests can head up to the rooftop garden.

    Hotel Red Planet's central location in Kathmandu's Thamel neighborhood provides easy access to shops and a diverse range of cuisines. Walk long the narrow streets bargaining for hemp shirts, Buddhist mantra CDs, and outdoor gear. When you need a rest, try out one of these restaurants for a delicious treat. 


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  11. Hotel Entrance

    Peak Mountain Guest House

    Prices from  $35.00

    Peak Mountain Guest House serves tourists from its location in Thamel. Being in the heart of Thamel, the hotel prides itself on its location and comfortable setting. The hotel has its own restaurant. There are 10 rooms at the hotel with attached bathroom and hot water facilities.

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  12. Dream Home

    Dream Home

    Prices from  $24.00

    Dream Home has been serving tourists for many years. Located in the heart of the tourist hub of Thamel, the hotel prides itself on its location and modern comfort. There are 17 rooms at the hotel from single, deluxe rooms which features TV, attached bathrooms and hot water.

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  13. Hotel Building

    Festoon Hotel

    Prices from  $15.00

    Festoon Hotel prides itself in providing luxury with affordability. Located in the heart of the tourist hub of Thamel, the hotel believes in providing quality service at modest prices. The hotel has a rooftop overlooking Kathmandu Valley. The hotel is located very close to restaurants, cafes and shops. There are 18 rooms at the hotel from standard and deluxe which feature big screen TV, attached bathroom, hot water etc.

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  14. Hotel Entrance

    Hotel Excelsior

    Prices from  $16.00

    Hotel Excelsior has been serving tourists in Thamel since 1990. Located in the heart of the tourist hub of Thamel, the hotel prides itself on its long history, cleanliness and affordability. The hotel has its own restaurant "Khamsang Restaurant & Bar".There is a rooftop garden which provides a pleasant place to view the busy Thamel streets and Kathmandu valley. There are 48 rooms at the hotel which feature TV, attached bathrooms and hot water among other facilities.

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  15. Hotel Exterior

    Prince Guest House

    Prices from  $21.00

    Prince Guest House has a history of serving tourists in Thamel. Located in the heart of the tourist hub of Thamel, the hotel prides itself on its location and service. The hotel has its own restaurant. There are 30 rooms at the hotel which feature TV, attached bathrooms and hot water among other facilities.

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  16. Hotel Building

    Happiness Guest House

    Prices from  $65.00

    Boudhanath stupa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, makes up Happiness Guest House's front yard. The hotel affords a direct and close view of the Buddhist temple, best enjoyed from the deluxe room on top of the building with its glass sliding door and private balcony.  All 4 rooms come with hot water, attached bathroom, and wi-fi among other facilities. The hotel's restaurant is located a few minutes' walk away.

    Every full moon and new moon, Boudhanath brightens up with thousands of oil lamps lit by hundreds of followers who come to pay homage to the enlightened one. With its proximity to two other important religious sites (Pashupatinath temple and Dhum Varahi shrine) and a handful of monastaries, Happiness Guest House is in an ideal location for those interested in exploring Kathmandu's rich belief system.

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  17. Twin room

    Khumbu Hotel

    Prices from  $30.00

    Multicolored Tibetian paintings decorate Khumbu Hotel from its entrance to the top floor. The rooms themselves are simple, with wood of ocre hue and white as the color scheme creating a relaxing atmosphere to rest in. The 18 rooms have an attached bathroom with hot water, and guests can enjoy wi-fi 24 hours a day. The restaurant serves Nepali, Tibetan, Chinese and western cuisines. 

    Khumbu Hotel is located in the compound that holds Boudhanath Stupa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the back of the hotel, a Thai massage parlor welcome guests sore from exploring the allies of Kathmandu. Right outside the hotel, there are shops after shops selling jewelries, music, prayer wheels, and other souvenir items, as well as endless rooftop restaurants providing a bird's eye view of the stupa. 

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  18. Up to 20% Off!

    Hotel Norbu Sangpo

    Prices from  $20.00

    Located only a 10 minute walk from Boudhanath stupa, Hotel Norbu Sangpo has both the tranquility and easy access to attractions that make a hotel stay complete. Enjoy the fresh air in the garden on the ground floor or at the sitting areas located in open spaces throughout the building. All 22 rooms and suites include an attached bathroom with hot water. Hotel Norbu Sangpo has a restaurant and a shop to make eating and shopping convienient for its guests.  

    Discover the Boudha neighborhood on a stroll from the Phulbari area to the Boudhanath stupa. Stop in at one of the many monasteries to find out what life is like for Buddhist monks and devotees. Try 
    laping, jello-like cold strips of cooked mung bean or corn starch brought to life with soy sauce and spices. The spicy dish can be found in Tibetan neighborhoods in Kathmandu, of which Boudha is an essential part. 


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  19. Standard Triple

    Peacock Guest House

    Prices from  $20.00

    One of the World Heritage Buildings of Bhaktapur, Peacock Guest House is a beautiful example of Kathmandu valley's indigenous Newari architecture. The hotel, built using typical Dachi appabricks, houses intricately carved wooden frames from the 15th century. It has 9 rooms, all of which come with attached bathrooms. A hot shower and free WiFi is available anytime of the day.

    Peacock Guest House is located in Dattatreya Square, the oldest square in Bhaktapur. Experience the neighborhood with a guided tour from the hotel, which also sets up tours around Nepal. Other facilities and services include a Nepali and western cuisines restaurant, guidance with hand-carved wooden items shopping, and laundry service.

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  20. Hotel Entrance

    Hotel Heritage

    Prices from  $100.00

    Hotel Heritage preserves Nepal's unique craftsmanship and culture while also providing modern amenities like no other. The intricate wooden windows and some of the antique marble and stone floors at the entrance come from the rubble of an ancient palace over 400 years old, handmade clay bricks inscribed in Newari script were recovered from a royal residence and a wooden window frame was rescued from a bonfire. Modern amenities include luxurious large rooms with attached bathrooms, 24-hour electricity, hot water and free wi-fi. 

    The hotel's multicuisine restaurant serves homemade rakshi, a traditional Nepali alcoholic beverage. Other facilities to take advantage of are Hotel Heritage's conference room, terrace, and two gardens, as well as its proximity to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. To explore the UNESCO world heritage site and the rest of Kathmandu valley, bike rentals and guided hikes are available. A visit to Bhaktapur is not complete without juju dhau, or "king's yogurt" in the local Newari language, usually served in a clay pot.

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  21. Hotel building

    Hotel Planet Bhaktapur

    Prices from  $30.00

    Hotel Planet Bhaktapur has been serving tourists for many years. Located in the heart of the tourist hub of BHaktapur, the hotel prides itself on its location and modern comfort. There are 13 rooms at the hotel from standard, deluxe rooms which features TV, attached bathrooms and hot water.

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  22. Hotel Building

    Hotel Chautari - Paradise Inn

    Prices from  $50.00

    Hotel Chautari - Paradise Inn's tranquil atmosphere in Nagarkot will have guests forget that Kathmandu is only 32 kilometers away. Each of the rooms is an epitome of comfort and tranquility with its TV, attached bathroom, hot water, 24-hr room service, and view of the natural landscape surrounding the hill station. 

    Skyrocket the rejuvenation that Nagarkot ignites with the inn's spa treatment. Hotel Chautari also has an aromatic coffee bar, a restaurant that caters to both Nepali and international tastes, a bar with a lounge feel, three conference halls to do business in a relaxed environment, and a children's playground to let the young ones run free safely. Some of the activities to do in and around the inn are horse riding, hiking, bird watching, star gazing, and camp fire & barbeque. 


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  23. Room

    Club Himalaya- Nagarkot

    Prices from  $80.00

    Club Himalaya- Nagarkot is located in the heart of the tourist hub of Nagarkot.The hotel prides itself on its traditional hospitality and warm reception. The hotel has its own restaurant.The hotel includes standard room and deluxe room which features facilities such as Hard wood floors, Cable TV, Designer and handcrafted furniture, Private balcony: Mountain & sunrise facing,Temperature control Split AC,Decorated with local arts and handicrafts among various other facilities.

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  24. Hotel side view

    Hotel Country Villa

    Prices from  $68.00

    Hotel Country Villa is located in the heart of the tourist hub of Nagarkot.The hotel prides itself on its traditional hospitality and warm reception. The hotel has its own restaurant. There is a top rooftop area where you can view the beautiful Sunrise and its peaceful environment. There are 38 rooms at the hotel from single and deluxe which feature TV, attached bathrooms and hot water among other facilities.

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  25. Hotel Building

    Hotel at the End of the Universe

    Prices from  $40.82

    A multinational family run hotel, Hotel at the End of the World offers Nepali hospitality with a dash of western flair. Like a true Nepali, bask in the sun while reading on top of Mahankal hill. The great Himalayas are all around, while the Kathmandu valley awaits below. After a satisfying international meal at the hotel restaurant, guests can retire for the night to their homely cottages, suites, or standard rooms, which come equipped with a bathroom with hot water.

    Hotel at the End of the World also has a conference hall, a place to watch movies and play, and outdoor seating to soak in the mountain fresh air. While Nagarkot is known for its sunrise and simply relaxing with a book, those who are looking to explore the area can do so through hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching. 

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  26. Hotel Exterior

    Hotel Barahi

    Prices from  $76.00

    Surrounded by the towering Annapurna mountain range, Hotel Barahi is a sanctuary in the heart of the Pokhara valley. Guests can view the the snow-capped mountains from the private balcony, a feature in every room. The rooms have attached bathrooms and hot water. 

    The hotel has a pool, massage and spa treatment, 3 restaurant areas, a bar, and a bakery. Nightly dance performances show 12 different types of Nepali dances from all over the country. If and when guests leave Hotel Barahi to explore Pokhara, the famous Lake Fewa is waiting nearby. Find out about other sights and activities here

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  27. Hotel_the_Kantipur

    Hotel the Kantipur

    Prices from  $75.00

    Embracing the stonework architecture for which Pokhara is famous, Hotel the Kantipur's bungalows are a sight for sore eyes. The hotel's Europe-trained personnel ensure that its guests' experience is just as exceptional. Evening cultural shows, local and international cuisines, cyber space for internet use, and a garden are some of what the hotel offers. 


    All of the 50 rooms come equipped with color TV, telephone, A/C, and balcony. Located a 5-minute walk from Lake Fewa, the hotel is also close to Pokhara's shopping areas. A description of activities and sights in and around Pokhara can be found here

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  28. Hotel Building

    Hotel Landmark

    Prices from  $63.72

    A heritage hotel, Hotel Landmark Pokhara provides exceptional accommodation services while preserving Nepal's heritage and environment. In homage to traditional Nepali craftsmanship, handmade brick and carved wood architecture can be found throughout the hotel premises. From the balconies, attached to each of the rooms, guests can take in the panoramic view of the amazing Annapurna mountain range.

    The hotel's award winning restaurant, Hungry Eye, serves western and eastern fares, and its bar has a variety of international drinks. Hotel Landmark also offers a nightly cultural show, spa facilities, a shopping arcade, and a business center equipped with wifi among other facilities. For pointers on what to do and see in and around Pokhara visit here

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  29. Terrace

    Buddha Maya Hotel

    Prices from  $90.00

    The Buddha Maya Garden Hotel is located at Lankapur,Lumbini five minutes from the main temples of Lumbini.The hotel provides facilities such as business center and a restaurant serving local,safe,regional and International dishes. Amenities at the hotel include a snack bar, laundry facilities and a laundry service. Every rooms at the Buddha Maya Garden Hotel are air conditioned and offer cable / satellite channels, a hair dryer and complimentary toiletries. Each offers amenities such as bottled water, a refrigerator and a telephone. Bathroom amenities include slippers, a lighted makeup mirror and a shower.

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  30. Way to hotel

    Hotel Nirvana

    Prices from  $30.00

    Just a 10-minute walk from the Local Market, Hotel Nirvana provides rooms with en suite bathrooms It has a Japanese bathhouse, a tour desk and free Wi-Fi 2Lumbini Sacred Garden, a UNESCO heritage site, is 22 km away. The air-conditioned rooms at Nirvana Hotel are spacious and equipped with a desk, refrigerator and cable TV. The suite bathroom comes with shower and bathtub. The hotel is situated 1 km from the city centre and 3 km from the Bhairahawa Airport. It also provides car rental services to guests who wish to explore the region on their own Safe deposit boxes are available at reception. It also has a tour desk and Japanese bathhouse Suppiya restaurant serves Chinese, Nepalese, European and Indian dishes Soma, the lobby bar offers exotic cocktails and other beverages Room service is available.

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  31. Hotel Rainforest

    Hotel Rainforest

    Prices from  $50.00

    Located a few minutes' walk from the center of Sauraha, the tourist hub of Chitwan, Hotel Rainforest is also in close proximity to Rapti river. The hotel's rooms come with an A/C, a TV, and an attached bathroom that provides solar-heated hot water 24 hours a day. From the personal balconies, guests can catch a glimpse of the Himalayas. 

    Hotel Rainforest embraces its name with a collection of rare and indigenous trees, shrubs, and flowers that attract various species of birds and butterflies in its gardens. These little fliers are only the tip of the iceberg of what Chitwan beholds. Rhinos, tigers, and elephants are some of the most popular animals of the area, which guests can get close to through activities in Chitwan National Park. The hotel has an itinerary of activities for its guests. 

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  32. Deck

    Jungle Safari Lodge

    Prices from  $27.35

    Located a minute's walk away from Chitwan National Park in Sauraha, Jungle Safari Lodge makes accessing the jungle easy and convenient without compromising on comfort. The hotel sets up tours for its guests depending on the length of your visit in Chitwan. Activities include elephant bathing, elephant safari, jungle walk, Tharu dance presentation, Tharu village tour, and a canoe ride through the Rapti river. 

    After an activities-filled day, enjoy Terai's warm breeze in the lodge's open garden restaurant. Jungle Safari Lodge also has a restaurant, bar, 24-hour room service, A/C, LCD/plasma TV, and wifi in public areas. Read Parakhi's blog post to find out why Chitwan is one of the top destinations in Nepal. 

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